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Blog #6 — Technology and Sports

After watching the 100th Grey Cup, I couldn’t help wondering how technology has changed the face of sports.  In today’s game we waited many minutes while a catch was reviewed by a panel of officials somewhere observing every possible angle.  I recall TSN saying they had 32 possible camera angles to share with them, if need be.  In the end, the call on the field stood.  There was not enough visual evidence to overturn the call.

Not only has technology changed the way the game is officiated, it has also changed how we watch it.  We have our 52 inch high definition TV’s that almost make it inconvenient to actually go to the game.  Why sit in the cold, heat or rain, when you can watch it in all of its detail at home.  But… of course we all know there is nothing like being at the game.  The atmosphere cannot be replaced by any technology….except… now you can watch close up details on the jumbotron!  Sometimes, even when I’m in good seats I find myself taking in the game on the screen instead of on the turf.  I honestly have to force myself to watch the real action.  Perhaps I’m drawn by the pretty lights just as a moth is drawn to a bug zapper….  but I digress.

Social media has had an impact on the game as well.  Sometimes, when I am busy cooking chicken wings or deep frying anything that is battered, I press pause on my PVR.  I don’t have to miss any of the action.  But, I have to be very careful not to go on Facebook or Twitter at any time until I catch up and am watching in real time.  There’s always a bunch of my friends who are busy commenting and analysing during the game; Even if they are in the stands!

From fantasy football to buying your tickets, technology has most definitely changed the face of sports.

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Blog #5 — Limited Technology in a Blended Classroom

I want to run my Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20 as a blended learning classroom next semester.  I taught this class online last year, so all of my lessons are electronic already.  With the ability to enhance some of the lessons with face to face activities and collaboration I am thinking this would be an excellent opportunity to experiment with the format.  The problem is, however, that I don’t have access to computers all of the time.  With the technology limits within my school, I’m not sure I would be allowed to book one set of computers for one period for an entire semester.  It would be difficult to plan around when I would and would not have access to the computers.

Some of my students have been asking me if they can bring their own devices to school and I have been saying yes.  I’m not actually sure if this is sanctioned by the school division, but I guess I will eventually find out one way or the other.  Sometimes it is better to remain ignorant and ask for forgiveness later.  There seems to be two camps that currently exist in education today.  There is the BYOD (bring your own device) versus the 1:1 camp.  My school is definitely not in the 1:1 camp, so I will assume, for now, that they are in the BYOD camp.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

With sporadic access to technology it is difficult to become completely technologically oriented, but a blended classroom may be the best way to go.  I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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